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ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer)

ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) is an imaging instrument that is flying on Terra, a satellite launched in December 1999 as part of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS). ASTER files are available for Nevada, and for parts of California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona bordering Nevada.

To download the Aster Images click the points on the interactive index map below:

To view ASTER images: ASTER files are in Hierarchical Data Format (hdf) format. They can be viewed using the HDF View 2.0 (download). They may also be viewed in ENVI, which is available to the UNR community via the Citrix server (Net ID required)

Aster Bands

Each aster file has a file extension that corresponds with a band in the table below.

Band Label Wavelength
Nadir or
B1 VNIR_Band1 0.520–0.600 15 Nadir Visible Green Yellow
B2 VNIR_Band2 0.630–0.690 15 Nadir Visible Red
B3 VNIR_Band3N 0.760–0.860 15 Nadir Near Infrared
B4 VNIR_Band3B 0.760–0.860 15 Backward
B5 SWIR_Band4 1.600–1.700 30 Nadir Short-wave Infrared
B6 SWIR_Band5 2.145–2.185 30 Nadir
B7 SWIR_Band6 2.185–2.225 30 Nadir
B8 SWIR_Band7 2.235–2.285 30 Nadir
B9 SWIR_Band8 2.295–2.365 30 Nadir
B10 SWIR_Band9 2.360–2.430 30 Nadir
B11 TIR_Band10 8.125–8.475 90 Nadir Long-wave Infrared
or Thermal IR
B12 TIR_Band11 8.475–8.825 90 Nadir
B13 TIR_Band12 8.925–9.275 90 Nadir
B14 TIR_Band13 10.250–10.950 90 Nadir
B15 TIR_Band14 10.950–11.650 90 Nadir
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