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National Elevation Database (NED) Maps (FTP Link)

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About the National Elevation Database (NED)

The USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) has been developed by merging the highest-resolution, best-quality elevation data available across the United States into a seamless raster format. NED is the result of the maturation of the USGS effort to provide 1:24,000-scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for the conterminous US and 1:63,360-scale DEM data for Alaska.

These National Elevation Dataset extracts were provided through the courtesy of the Nevada Division of State Lands.

Interactive Map

These zipped NED data files contain digital elevation model coverages for Nevada. Extracted from the National Digital Elevation Dataset, these coverages are thirtymeter resolution.  Each coverage represents a 1X1 degree block (latitude /longitude).  NED coverages are available for download in binary and grid formats, both of which may be imported into ArcMap . 

Ned Image Layout area6 area5 area4 area3 area2 area1 area12 area11 area10 area9 area8 area7 area18 area17 area16 area15 area14 area13 area24 area23 area22 area21 area20 area19 area29 area28 area27 area26 area25 area33 area32 area31 area30 area35 area34
Click a 1x1 block to download the NED.