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SPOT Satellite Imagery Page (FTP Link)

SPOT Satellite Imagery

Select 1x1 degree block to download SPOT Imagery.
N42 W120 N42 W117 N42 W116 N42 W115
N41 W120 N41 W119 N41 W118 N41 W117 N41 W116 N41 W115
N40 W120 N40 W119 N40 W118 N40 W117 N40 W116 N40 W115
N39 W119 N39 W118 N39 W117 N39 W116 N39 W115
N38 W118 N38 W117 N38 W116 N38 W115
N37 W117 N37 W116 N37 W115
Data is unavailable from gray areas.

The University Libraries gratefully acknowledges the gift of SPOT Imagery from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. (C) CNES/SPOT Image 1992-1994.